5 Great Appliances for Any Kitchen

When looking for new kitchen supplies it is best to look at what you make most, what you like to make, or what you would like to make but cannot because you do not have the right tools. Several tools are versatile and can be used for several things. From immersion blenders, food processors, stand mixers, or pasta sheet rollers, you can find almost anything for your culinary needs in  restaurants equipment stores.

Kitchen Aid MixerOne item I suggest investing in as soon as possible is a KitchenAid stand mixer. This can take the place of several other kitchen appliances because it has so many attachments that you can buy. Ice cream attachment, pasta sheet attachment, grinder attachment and the list goes on and on. These attachments can get pricey though. If you need to multitask you either need multiple mixers or just invest in these other appliances. Overall though, the stand mixer can do anything, mix anything you need. The only thing I can think of that wouldn’t work in the standard mixer without the use of special attachments is a sauce.

If you are looking to make a sauce though a food processor is the way to go. A Food processor is good for making sauces, dips, some types of dough, and breadcrumbs. The blades of the food processor are better for harder items that need sharp edge than the basic attachments a stand mixer would provide. If you don’t have stand mixer, and can’t afford one a food processor can do some of the things a stand mixer but it is more limited. The good thing about a food mixer is you can leave ingredients whole as long as they fit in the processor and the food processor will do its thing to break it down.

No worrying about smashing garlic cloves or chopping them up just pop in there and let the blade do the work. The processor is also good for shredding cheese or vegetables. Just put the shredder attachment in, cut the vegetables down to a size it will fit in the mouth of the processor and press the button. I should note that when shredding soft cheese putting it in the freezer to get hard helps it shred better. Its good for pie crust, and biscuit dough, but I wouldn’t go trying to mix ingredients for a cake in a food processor; leave that to the hand mixer. But what if you want to make bread dough?

Bread MachineA bread machine isn’t as popular these days because a stand mixer can do almost all the job of a bread machine. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, especially when you don’t have a stand mixer. A bread machine will mix the dough, let it rise, and bake it all you have to do is set it to what you want and let it go. Most if not all even have a just dough setting if you don’t want to bake it in the bread machine. The great thing about bread machines is even when the dough is rising it warms up to the perfect temperature the yeast like and will help it rise better.